EXTREMELY PROUD DAUGHTER MOMENT For those who know my mamma, Diana has never been a “photo person”, but on this day she was a MODEL!! Mum and I set out to find the perfect location, to shoot the photos for the Rose & Soul clothing line. I will say we both had the uncomfortable giggles, mum usually being the one in the photo making everyone laugh, as she is uncomfortable being “poesy”, but on this day she embraced it and began feeling comfortable. Mum absolutely smashed it and loved the photos. Although taking some photo’s may seem little, but this woman has conquered a lot in her life time, after two major surgeries, at times it has made her doubt herself, but with her continuous strength she keeps conquering those goals, and as she does my admiration grows. This photo brings me so much joy and we hope with each piece of clothing it brings joy to you. Shop our clothing line at http://roseandsoul.com/wp/shop/

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