WE’RE PREGNANT – The raw truth, symptoms & fears!

So, I have now announced that I am PREGNANT!!! This is a continued blog from my pregnancy video on YouTube, I just wanted to go through my symptoms and what I did to help with these more descriptive. I want to keep you guys updated with my pregnancy journey, the plan is to keep it as natural as possible and as honest as possible!

Let me begin…

Low blood pressure: I have made sure to keep hydrated, get up slowly when sitting or laying down and making sure not to exercise or do anything in fast motion, stopping all exercise altogether from 3 weeks- 15weeks.

Low iron: This has affected me more in more ways than one, firstly it made me really down and negative. Which I am not usually a negative minded person, I had to really work with this and accept that I had no energy to do the things that make me happy. This included exercise, early mornings, university studies, work, cleaning and cooking and just general care of my body. Mentally this got me down which then lead to guilt as I felt guilty that I was feeling this way when pregnant. I had to really sit in these emotions and understand what I was going through, that it was okay for me to stop everything and just be, to just concentrate on resting and growing this miracle. I also begun taking an organic iron supplement and incorporating more iron into my diet.

Nausea:  At about 6 weeks of my pregnancy is when my morning sickness really started to kick in, but when they call it morning sickness this did not restrict my body to when it would occur, I was sick morning to night. At 6 weeks I ate bland soup, which really helped as I could not stomach anything with strong flavours and I was able to contain the nutrients I needed. I also ate corn crackers first thing in the morning, having something dry and flavourless helped, I ate so much crackers that I do not think I could look or eat another cracker again haha.

Hormonal flocculation: I had to really communicate with loved ones, especially my partner when I am having bad or good days, so he is aware of how I was feeling, knowing when I was having my bad days and I just needed to be at home in my own energy. I found that I most days my mind/body already knew it did not want to go anywhere outside of the house, until night time, which I would go to the beach, just sit and in the peace and quiet, still my mind, concentrate on releasing all the crazy hormones and how I was feeling.

Cramping: I was cramping at around 4 weeks, then it got more severe around 6 weeks. This really worried me as I had a previous miscarriage, I would ask my doctor constantly if this was normal and he informed me it is. I did my own research and understood more about why I was having cramping. So, please know if you are experiencing this it is normal and it will begin to slowly get better throughout the pregnancy, once the body has adjusted to the hormones and the growth of the baby. I found that a combination of Hemp oil and Evening Primrose oil rubbed on my belly would settle the cramping, with also sitting down when they would occur and rest my body.

Low energy: I had to really listen to my body and my cravings, understanding why I was craving such specific foods every day, and that was my bodies way of informing of the nutrients I needed from that specific food. Every day has been different for me regarding my cravings, nothing too crazy as of yet but I have had a huge urge for sugar. With this craving I have tried to find healthier alternatives rather than artificial sugar, as at the start I was craving Lemonade icy poles, as I was low in iron, I was craving something cold and sugary. Instead I would eat cold apples, watermelon juice with crushed ice, and Kombucha. I made sure to have easily accessible snacks for when my body was starting to feel tired, and I was eating a lot of carrots and home-made cookies. I have found throughout my pregnancy I don’t get the warning of beginning to become hungry I go from being full to starving straight away. At this point it would make me tired, making it harder to cook a complete nutritious meal, which I began to include protein in every meal. I have made sure that morning and night I am taking my Spirulina, the mornings to take my natal multi-vitamin, this really helped me to regained my energy combining the two!

I also had to listen to my body when my energy levels would drop, I would know to find somewhere comfortable to either read a book, colour in or watch a movie (if I was not nauseous), after some time my body would begin to regain it’s energy and I was able to continue what I was doing previously.

Thank you for listening!

With love xx

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