SUSTAINABLE CHOICES, & thinking of the ENVIRONMENT when planning my baby boy’s room!

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is preparing their room. Creating a safe place for them, putting all your love and thought into making it perfect for your baby! But, for me it was more then that, I wanted to make sure everything I bought was sustainable and worth purchasing for the long run. I have talked through what I will be doing with planning for our baby boy, taking into consideration the environment. Global warming is happening and we are responsible, I wanted to make sure that with bringing life into this world, I have a plan to do it in a safe way for our environment and for my baby. So he grows up aware of our planet, that their are changes we can make to help make a difference! I often stress more about climate change, what I can do to help the planet, if we all work together to make changes, we can stop climate change from hitting an irreversible chain reaction and save our planet. At the end of the day all though a very scary subject it is a very important one! I plan to teach my children to be more aware of their choices and to guide them to make more sustainable decision when it comes to our planet! Please head over to our YouTube channel to watch the video

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