5 Simple habits I changed to help me have a more positive day!

So, a continued blog chatting about my first couple of weeks of realising the frame of mind I was in and how I wanted to change it for myself. I have noticed a big difference and progress just in changing a few habits and thoughts I was having previously. This week I have gotten back on top of my house hold chores, my fitness, my work, my sleep routine and my diet. Knowing I am now a bit more in control of the way I was feeling, I feel much better, knowing just by acknowledging the way I was making myself feel and that I was sitting in my emotions too much. So, I am going to list the habits I changed and how I changed them.

  1. Our frame of mind is so strong! I started changing the way I looked at doing things in my home, I started telling myself “imagine how it will feel once you get it done, what will you do instead?”. Just with looking at getting household chores done, I am back to my old routine of tidying the house daily and cleaning as I go.
  2. I booked in with my PT for a bit of motivation and guidance, as I overwhelmed myself with feeling like I had no idea where to start at the gym, therefor making it much harder than it needed to be. Then I took the guidance and motived myself to get back into the gym. I have slowly jumped into it as I did not want to put any stress on the baby, 3 times a week for 30minutes. I actually felt a sense of not being by myself at the gym, I let go of my care factor of what others thought and my expectation that I used to have on myself before pregnancy. So, I actually found that I had a whole new confidence with knowing what to do at the gym by myself!
  3. I begun to write in my diary morning and night, I have been doing this throughout my pregnancy but not consistently. So, what I would do is at night I would write about how I was feeling that day, once I wrote it down, I would look at it differently, knowing what I needed to change to feel better the next day. I would also write in what I needed to get done for the next day, keeping it reasonable but by writing it down, I knew I had work tasks that needed to be completed and I held myself accountable when I would look at night time to see if I had crossed anything off my list through out the day.
  4. I begun to get up at 6:00am in the morning, waking up before the sun is up has always made me feel a lot better and motivated throughout the day. Then by night time I was tired, I would put myself into bed by 7:30, read a book and by 8:00pm I was ready to fall asleep.
  5. With my changes in my frame of mind and sleep routine, I found I had a lot more motivation with everything and that included cooking! I have had more energy to think of creative ways to cook what I was craving in a healthier way.

With the above being said, I can’t say I have had a perfect week with everything! It is very easy to let those cravings for sugar let you eat something that is not good for you, or sleep in extra and not be able to sleep at night. Even easier to slip into the mind set of some things just feel too hard, sometimes we bog ourselves down with our emotions, staying sitting in them and feeling like we cannot escape. But we can! We are in control of our minds; it is just a matter of changing our patterning which of course takes a lot of time and practice! I am not perfect and make lots of mistakes along the way, but I am trying to move forward with a healthier lifestyle in every way and that is what matters!

I hope in some way my shared experience helps you and perhaps resinates with some of your habits, maybe we can work on them together and grow stronger.

Thank you for reading!

With love, Kaylie x

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