Sometimes feeling like an outsider looking in on the world…

I know I am not the only one here that feels like this, surely?  feeling like I never quite said the right thing or said the right punch line or joke. I always felt I had a mindset of my own that never really matched anyone else’s. At times I would find myself agreeing with others to fit in, so they would not notice that I was different. Never really finding my place in the world, and honestly that is still something I am trying to figure that out.

From my experiences most people have similar beliefs, fears, wants and goals. As I get older and I am becoming more comfortable in having a different opinion, mine are not always the same. Sure, in life like most people I want a companion, children, home, car etc… all the things that most humans want, but my differences are in the size or the materialistic value of those items.

My opinion is there is importance in achieving our goals, in respecting and working hard for the things we own. But if I feel there is no need for the over consumption of materialistic items. It is easy to feel that we have to maintain a certain imagine for “perfection”, to have a new outfit every event we go to, to have the newest model of car, biggest house, nicest jewellery and wow the list can just go on. But where do our wants end? At what point as a society do we look at everything we own and realise we have enough. To stop and appreciate what we already have. To take notice of who we are in the inside without our materialistic items, to learn to appreciate who we are as a person and what we already have.

I have found once I began to take notice of this within myself, I did not need to have the most expensive, newest model or the best of everything. I began to appreciate who KAYLIE was, my healthy relationships in life and what I am so very lucky to already have!

In my opinion joy/happiness does not come from materialistic items, as that joy that is felt when purchasing a materialistic-item eventually passes and then there is a want for something else to feel that again. Which then begins a never-ending cycle of not completely being satisfied with life and who we are. Of course, I still find myself over stressing about the little things, to make sure there is an outlook of perfection on who I am and the way I am presented, but it is something that has become less as I begin to make changes. To appreciate who I am and what I have, becoming more content and satisfied with the fundamental joys in life.

Again, thank you for reading!

With love, Kaylie xxx

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