I think this is definitely a big topic for most, a topic that even the sight of the wordmakes us feel vulnerable and perhaps uncomfortable. Being in touch with knowing our wounds or soft spots, that can so easily be triggered and hurt us. Insecurities is usually a topic to be avoided as it can take you to a place of discomfort and pain. But I would say that all of us have insecurities and at points we have doubted ourselves. It is so easy to get yourself into a frame of mind of self-doubt and low self-worth. It is even easier to do so when the world is full of others that are consumed in their own lives and pain, they often forget there are other people around them suffering too. We often need others to tell us how good we are doing; how beautiful we are and many more; wanting self-gratification from others.

It is a matter of bringing ourselves to a point of comfort in not needing that self-gratification from others, accepting people as they are, but having boundaries for the way you should be treated. Surrounding ourselves with healthy relationships, being treated with love and learning to love ourselves.

As insecurities can consume one’s mind and life, so easily can we get ourselves into a pattern of believing our insecurities. Not stepping out of our comfort zone and accepting that our fears about ourselves may just be true. But that is not the case.

I personally feel that it is a matter of not having too much of a high expectation of yourself, allowing yourself to experiment, learn and grow. Throughout life we are all going to go through circumstances that will test us, at points they may break us, make us scared of the world and the people in it! But how can we prove those insecurities wrong, if we do not step out of our comfort zones and test those insecurities. We may fail, it may hurt us, but sitting in your own mind of insecurity and unhappiness is much worse than trying and giving yourself the chance to create a possibility of accomplishment, out growing our insecurities.

I understand and know from personal experience, that you cannot just read a blog and suddenly your insecurities will disappear. I just think that knowing there are others in life that also have insecurities that they have broken, they have worked through and succeeded, gives me that extra bit of push to keep pushing myself to work on my insecurities. To try and not take people and their words/ actions too seriously, if you have hurt someone of course there is a boundary of communication and to work on those patterns. But each day is a new day, we all have doubted ourselves at one point, listened to our insecurities and let them control us. But, when you awake each morning you have a new beginning, a new start to working on yourself and to work on getting to a point of self-love within yourself.

Insecurities is a huge one for me, a very important one, not only for myself, for my child. As I want to teach him to believe in his self-worth, believe he is capable and it is okay to fail as everyone fails, but if you keep growing it will eventually lead to a happier place. Perhaps not in the direction you had planned, but that is life. We can’t always plan the destination; it is a matter of not letting the world around us and our thoughts take us to an insecure place of self-doubt.

Thank you for reading!

With love, Kaylie x

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