About us


Rose & Soul was founded by Diana Rose in 2015, after a long recovery from major surgery in 2012. Diana became disillusioned with the lack of holistic care and advice available to cancer survivors, particularly with regard to the importance of diet and lifestyle. Over the years, through trial and error, she has achieved a greater understanding of her own body’s response to various foods and supplements, and observed the benefits of meditation and yoga for managing her mood and accepting her loss.

This webpage and blog is Diana’s opportunity to share her learning with you and offer products from the most natural and sustainable sources, that are not readily available in mainstream stores.

Diana is supported by her two daughters, Candy and Kaylie, who bring youth and energy to the business, with their range of fashion and beauty products. Candy and Kaylie travel to local markets and festivals to distribute the unique range of Rose & Soul products, through regular stalls.

Rose & Soul is built upon values of ‘do good, be good, feel good’ and reflects the importance of family, fun, healthy food and mindfulness for effective healing.