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The story of Rose & Soul is held close to my heart as trial and error, and the tribulations I have endured, have all lead me to the two things I have grown to be so passionate about: food and the human body. Good old fashioned, fresh healthy food. Free from pesticides and nutritious to the human body and mind. Natural substances from the earth, which remain essentially unaltered from their original form.

Sharing my experience is not intended as medical advice in any way. I am simply relating my own body’s response to various foods and therapies after losing my large bowel to cancer – and the new path I have chosen to take.

The loss of such an important part of my body has affected my immune system, my ability to absorb and retain water, vitamins and minerals. It has affected my mental and emotional wellbeing (temporarily) and there have been many other related complications and issues. I felt so desperate to find a solution to improve my quality of life.

My journey with food and supplements began after several years of searching for a way to improve my health by providing my body and mind with essential nutrients. More so than a person with a fully functioning bowel, I needed a constant supply to help build my immune system. I need food that can stay in my system long enough to be absorbed and have an affect.

The food and other products I endorse and sell on this website are products that I personally use. Each product listing includes a description of the benefits I have personally experienced.

My life has changed in so many ways since I started my quest to resume a normal life. My purpose now is to travel to the far reaches of the world and seek out traditional foods and remedies for the body and soul. I intend to try and find those that work for me, in the hope that they may work for you too. I hope to share more of my journey with you as I go along.

Diana Rose
Rose & Soul Pty Ltd


I think this is definitely a big topic for most, a topic that even the sight of the wordmakes us feel vulnerable and perhaps uncomfortable. Being in touch with knowing our wounds or soft spots, that can so easily be triggered and hurt us. Insecurities is usually a topic to be avoided as it can take you to a place of discomfort and pain. But I would say that all of us have insecurities and at points we have doubted ourselves. It is so easy to get yourself into a frame of mind of self-doubt and low self-worth. It is even easier to do so when the world is full of others that are consumed in their own lives and pain, they often forget there are other people around them suffering too. We often need others to tell us how good we are doing; how beautiful we are and many more; wanting self-gratification from others.

It is a matter of bringing ourselves to a point of comfort in not needing that self-gratification from others, accepting people as they are, but having boundaries for the way you should be treated. Surrounding ourselves with healthy relationships, being treated with love and learning to love ourselves.

As insecurities can consume one’s mind and life, so easily can we get ourselves into a pattern of believing our insecurities. Not stepping out of our comfort zone and accepting that our fears about ourselves may just be true. But that is not the case.

I personally feel that it is a matter of not having too much of a high expectation of yourself, allowing yourself to experiment, learn and grow. Throughout life we are all going to go through circumstances that will test us, at points they may break us, make us scared of the world and the people in it! But how can we prove those insecurities wrong, if we do not step out of our comfort zones and test those insecurities. We may fail, it may hurt us, but sitting in your own mind of insecurity and unhappiness is much worse than trying and giving yourself the chance to create a possibility of accomplishment, out growing our insecurities.

I understand and know from personal experience, that you cannot just read a blog and suddenly your insecurities will disappear. I just think that knowing there are others in life that also have insecurities that they have broken, they have worked through and succeeded, gives me that extra bit of push to keep pushing myself to work on my insecurities. To try and not take people and their words/ actions too seriously, if you have hurt someone of course there is a boundary of communication and to work on those patterns. But each day is a new day, we all have doubted ourselves at one point, listened to our insecurities and let them control us. But, when you awake each morning you have a new beginning, a new start to working on yourself and to work on getting to a point of self-love within yourself.

Insecurities is a huge one for me, a very important one, not only for myself, for my child. As I want to teach him to believe in his self-worth, believe he is capable and it is okay to fail as everyone fails, but if you keep growing it will eventually lead to a happier place. Perhaps not in the direction you had planned, but that is life. We can’t always plan the destination; it is a matter of not letting the world around us and our thoughts take us to an insecure place of self-doubt.

Thank you for reading!

With love, Kaylie x

Sometimes feeling like an outsider looking in on the world…

I know I am not the only one here that feels like this, surely?  feeling like I never quite said the right thing or said the right punch line or joke. I always felt I had a mindset of my own that never really matched anyone else’s. At times I would find myself agreeing with others to fit in, so they would not notice that I was different. Never really finding my place in the world, and honestly that is still something I am trying to figure that out.

From my experiences most people have similar beliefs, fears, wants and goals. As I get older and I am becoming more comfortable in having a different opinion, mine are not always the same. Sure, in life like most people I want a companion, children, home, car etc… all the things that most humans want, but my differences are in the size or the materialistic value of those items.

My opinion is there is importance in achieving our goals, in respecting and working hard for the things we own. But if I feel there is no need for the over consumption of materialistic items. It is easy to feel that we have to maintain a certain imagine for “perfection”, to have a new outfit every event we go to, to have the newest model of car, biggest house, nicest jewellery and wow the list can just go on. But where do our wants end? At what point as a society do we look at everything we own and realise we have enough. To stop and appreciate what we already have. To take notice of who we are in the inside without our materialistic items, to learn to appreciate who we are as a person and what we already have.

I have found once I began to take notice of this within myself, I did not need to have the most expensive, newest model or the best of everything. I began to appreciate who KAYLIE was, my healthy relationships in life and what I am so very lucky to already have!

In my opinion joy/happiness does not come from materialistic items, as that joy that is felt when purchasing a materialistic-item eventually passes and then there is a want for something else to feel that again. Which then begins a never-ending cycle of not completely being satisfied with life and who we are. Of course, I still find myself over stressing about the little things, to make sure there is an outlook of perfection on who I am and the way I am presented, but it is something that has become less as I begin to make changes. To appreciate who I am and what I have, becoming more content and satisfied with the fundamental joys in life.

Again, thank you for reading!

With love, Kaylie xxx


So, I was craving something buttery for dinner but wanted a healthier alternative! I also needed to add protein and was also craving salt; this is what I created.


  • 1 Large Sweet Potato 2 Chicken Breast
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Tin of Black Beans
  • 1 Bunch of Asparagus
  • 3 Tbsp of Vegan Dijonnaise
  • 3 Tbsp of Nuttelex Butter


  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Chilli flakes
  • Black Sesame Seeds
  • Lemon
  • Olive Oil

Step One:

Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Cut Sweet Potato into slices, then place in a glass tray, pouring Olive Oil across the slices. Then to sprinkle Cinnamon, salt and pepper. Placing tray into the oven for 20 minutes.

Step Two:

Fill a pot quarter of the way with water, placing Asparagus in and cooking on the stove for 5 minutes. Put the whole of the Avocado inside into a bowl, mashing with a fork. Then to adding the Black Beans once you have rinsed out all the juice. Lastly, to add the seasoning of Chilli flakes, Sesame Seeds and Lemon (amount depends on what you prefer, I love lots of everything and the Lemon preserves the Avocado for a couple of days).

Step Three:

Cutting Chicken breasts into long slices (or whichever size you prefer). Putting a fry pan on the stove at middle range of heat, placing Butter and Dijonnaise on the pan, place chicken in the pan and letting it slowly cook until cooked all the way through and the sauce is creamy.

Step Four:

Once all the above ingredients are cooked, plate nicely on the bowl and enjoyed all the different flavours together!

5 Simple habits I changed to help me have a more positive day!

So, a continued blog chatting about my first couple of weeks of realising the frame of mind I was in and how I wanted to change it for myself. I have noticed a big difference and progress just in changing a few habits and thoughts I was having previously. This week I have gotten back on top of my house hold chores, my fitness, my work, my sleep routine and my diet. Knowing I am now a bit more in control of the way I was feeling, I feel much better, knowing just by acknowledging the way I was making myself feel and that I was sitting in my emotions too much. So, I am going to list the habits I changed and how I changed them.

  1. Our frame of mind is so strong! I started changing the way I looked at doing things in my home, I started telling myself “imagine how it will feel once you get it done, what will you do instead?”. Just with looking at getting household chores done, I am back to my old routine of tidying the house daily and cleaning as I go.
  2. I booked in with my PT for a bit of motivation and guidance, as I overwhelmed myself with feeling like I had no idea where to start at the gym, therefor making it much harder than it needed to be. Then I took the guidance and motived myself to get back into the gym. I have slowly jumped into it as I did not want to put any stress on the baby, 3 times a week for 30minutes. I actually felt a sense of not being by myself at the gym, I let go of my care factor of what others thought and my expectation that I used to have on myself before pregnancy. So, I actually found that I had a whole new confidence with knowing what to do at the gym by myself!
  3. I begun to write in my diary morning and night, I have been doing this throughout my pregnancy but not consistently. So, what I would do is at night I would write about how I was feeling that day, once I wrote it down, I would look at it differently, knowing what I needed to change to feel better the next day. I would also write in what I needed to get done for the next day, keeping it reasonable but by writing it down, I knew I had work tasks that needed to be completed and I held myself accountable when I would look at night time to see if I had crossed anything off my list through out the day.
  4. I begun to get up at 6:00am in the morning, waking up before the sun is up has always made me feel a lot better and motivated throughout the day. Then by night time I was tired, I would put myself into bed by 7:30, read a book and by 8:00pm I was ready to fall asleep.
  5. With my changes in my frame of mind and sleep routine, I found I had a lot more motivation with everything and that included cooking! I have had more energy to think of creative ways to cook what I was craving in a healthier way.

With the above being said, I can’t say I have had a perfect week with everything! It is very easy to let those cravings for sugar let you eat something that is not good for you, or sleep in extra and not be able to sleep at night. Even easier to slip into the mind set of some things just feel too hard, sometimes we bog ourselves down with our emotions, staying sitting in them and feeling like we cannot escape. But we can! We are in control of our minds; it is just a matter of changing our patterning which of course takes a lot of time and practice! I am not perfect and make lots of mistakes along the way, but I am trying to move forward with a healthier lifestyle in every way and that is what matters!

I hope in some way my shared experience helps you and perhaps resinates with some of your habits, maybe we can work on them together and grow stronger.

Thank you for reading!

With love, Kaylie x

SUSTAINABLE CHOICES, & thinking of the ENVIRONMENT when planning my baby boy’s room!

One of the most exciting parts of having a baby is preparing their room. Creating a safe place for them, putting all your love and thought into making it perfect for your baby! But, for me it was more then that, I wanted to make sure everything I bought was sustainable and worth purchasing for the long run. I have talked through what I will be doing with planning for our baby boy, taking into consideration the environment. Global warming is happening and we are responsible, I wanted to make sure that with bringing life into this world, I have a plan to do it in a safe way for our environment and for my baby. So he grows up aware of our planet, that their are changes we can make to help make a difference! I often stress more about climate change, what I can do to help the planet, if we all work together to make changes, we can stop climate change from hitting an irreversible chain reaction and save our planet. At the end of the day all though a very scary subject it is a very important one! I plan to teach my children to be more aware of their choices and to guide them to make more sustainable decision when it comes to our planet! Please head over to our YouTube channel to watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLU30B1F0oU&feature=youtu.be

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A Promise to Myself…

Throughout my pregnancy I have always been very honest when people asked how I was doing. At times I feel most people are shocked, as they are not used to the out of the ordinary answer of “good thanks, and you?”. Each time I was asked I felt a conflict in my mind of not wanting the judgement of my honesty and knowing I cannot lie. I cannot hide how I truly feel; I cannot pretend that I am not having difficulty. In saying this I am loving being pregnant but there are a lot of other emotions that come with being pregnant, and I want that to be more known and accepted. Women’s bodies take the sperm and from that they create life form within their belly’s. Now that is just a miracle in itself, to know we are capable of such magic is incredible.

What I have found now coming into the second trimester, as I am currently 22 weeks. That at the beginning it is an influx of emotions, hormones and changes. I personally am finding it hard going into my second trimester to get back into the positive motivated frame of mind that I was in before pregnancy. As I was quite sick the first trimester, I had to stop a lot of the things I enjoyed, which then got me out of routine and it has been a mental struggle to get back into that routine. I know that of course my routine will never be the same, I need to adjust to my new gorgeous growing body and make a new routine that suits me now.

Last night I lay in bed stressing, fixating on perfecting everything during my pregnancy and for when the baby comes. Eventually I had to really question why was I fixating? I had to look at what had got me to that point and to that frame of mind. Why was I after waiting so long and dreaming of becoming pregnant was my mind set like this? Why was I wasting this experience worrying about the unimportant factors? I knew I needed to regroup myself, re-centre my mind and move forward in a healthier way for the next day. I was beginning to make even the little tasks in life seem harder than what they were, therefor actually making life harder for myself. I reminded myself who I was and what I want for this pregnancy, for my child. I did not want to have regret or guilt for how I was throughout my pregnancy, so I am accepting the past few months, although they didn’t go to plan, it is okay! I am learning and I want to do better from now on.

So, this is a promise to myself, I will change my frame of mind and today was day one, and a complete success!! I will keep you updated on how I will be changing this all for myself and the progress I make, as I truly believe our minds are so very strong and we are in control of it!!

With love,

Kaylie xxx 

How I begun to no longer focus on my exterior appearance…

This all begun after I decided to make changes in my life, such as giving up drinking. As the main focus of giving up drinking was to improve myself love and confidence. I found that I did not feel confident with my appearance, if I did not have hair extensions in or I did not have my nails done. But not only did they need to be done, they needed to be perfect, as I would critic them constantly, always looking down at my nails or fiddling with my hair so it was perfect. I put such a high expectation on myself for perfection that even when I did have my hair, nails and make-up done, it was still never quite good enough.

I begun thinking about how much money I was spending on my appearance, how much time I spent worrying about my appearance, and questioning what it would be like if I just became comfortable within myself without these additions. This of course did not happen over-night, it was a process. A process of thinking about it, then questioning everything I was doing, creating an open mind to change.

After months of contemplating about how I would feel not having extensions in, I had them taken out and for the first time in my life I had my hair cut short. I always felt that without my hair extensions I would not look feminine, and that I would not look attractive. BUT instead it actually gave me a sense of freedom, for the first time in 8 years of having hair extensions, I was comfortable with my own hair. I worried less about it being perfectly long, creating a whole new feeling of feminine for me.  Then there came more confidence in myself and the way I looked, feeling confident in not having that expectation constantly, also creating a new perfect for me.

Then I stopped getting my nails done, accepting them in their natural state. Which was actually a struggle between my personality and my logical mind. I knew that I did not need to get my nails done to accept the way I looked, but for a long time my outfit did not feel complete without them done. And still nearly 2 years later, if I am feeling tired or down about the way I look, I easily switch into that mindset of feeling like I am not presented well enough without my nails. Just like my hair extensions it also gave me a sense of freedom, releasing that expectation of myself, to have everything perfect. I have learned to love my nails as they are and accept my body as it is naturally.

I started realising how much I relied on my out side appearance to feel good about myself, always worrying about what others thought of me and never feeling like I was meeting my expectations. I was worrying so much about my exterior I forgot about my interior, with focusing so much on the exterior I constantly could find things that were not up to my standards and expectations.  But once I let go, I started to notice the things I did like about my appearance, and growing my self-love. This was all just the beginning to my self-growth and awareness to what is really important in life.

Thank you for reading.

With love, Kaylie xxx

Why I chose to never drink again…

Firstly, I will start with why I drank in the first place. Well like other people I did it to let go, and also for the confidence alcohol gave me. Alcohol would take me from being someone who questioned every decision, considering the bad in all of them, to someone who no longer questioned my decisions/thoughts and had no anxiety. That is a very simple explanation of why I drank, but of course you can always go deeper. I wasn’t someone who drank every day, I was a binge drinker, once I was around people that were drinking, I found It very hard to say no and not join in. I would love their sense of freedom from their minds and the confidence they would possess. But once I did, I had no limit to how much my body could take, my personality liked the feeling so much, it didn’t control it and kept going.

Then there was the next day… My hangovers would not just last the day like others, it would last a week sometimes even going into the second week or more. I would wake up with a suffocating amount of anxiety. That feeling of freedom from my mind from the night before, would then result in a horrendous week of anxiety and depression. I would then relay what I could remember from the night before, punish myself mentally for the things I had said and done, including the little things. Never did I wake up and not go through this after a night of drinking, I never thought the next day wow that was worth it. I would have the shakes all over my body, as my body could not handle the intake of alcohol I had consumed or even one drink at all. I would not be able to function at work or in simple tasks, as I could not concentrate, as my mind was busy repeating every little detail in complete panic. Also, as I was so disappointed in myself for allowing my personality to take over and drink, I would be agitated and angry, making me short tempered with my friends and family. Which would then create problems in my relationships at home, a result of allowing my personality to take over and consume alcohol.  

Over a period of a couple of months, I begun to question why I drank and why I could not control my personality to just say no. I was still drinking at this stage, but had an open mind to changing this pattern and a want to understand myself more. Then, after one night of drinking I knew that would be the last time I would drink! I wanted to create confidence within myself without drinking, I wanted to have confidence in my voice and what I believed in. It definitely was hard, as I am now 22 and drinking is societies “social norm”, I begun to lose interest in a lot of people, I was and still am criticized, as apparently if you are not out drinking at my age, you are not experiencing life.

But, giving up drinking was just the beginning to finding out who I really am, finding the confidence in myself and my decisions. I may not fit in with most young adults of my generation, but I would much rather spend that time focusing on finding out who I am in a healthier way. I now have learnt to be alone, to enjoy my own company, to say no, to love who I am and my differences. For me giving up drinking was just the beginning and definitely the right decision.

There is beauty in our individual differences, find strength in that beauty and let yourself stray from the crowd. As I have found that is where you will truly find self-love and acceptance.  

Thank you for reading,

With love Kaylie.

WE’RE PREGNANT – The raw truth, symptoms & fears!

So, I have now announced that I am PREGNANT!!! This is a continued blog from my pregnancy video on YouTube, I just wanted to go through my symptoms and what I did to help with these more descriptive. I want to keep you guys updated with my pregnancy journey, the plan is to keep it as natural as possible and as honest as possible!

Let me begin…

Low blood pressure: I have made sure to keep hydrated, get up slowly when sitting or laying down and making sure not to exercise or do anything in fast motion, stopping all exercise altogether from 3 weeks- 15weeks.

Low iron: This has affected me more in more ways than one, firstly it made me really down and negative. Which I am not usually a negative minded person, I had to really work with this and accept that I had no energy to do the things that make me happy. This included exercise, early mornings, university studies, work, cleaning and cooking and just general care of my body. Mentally this got me down which then lead to guilt as I felt guilty that I was feeling this way when pregnant. I had to really sit in these emotions and understand what I was going through, that it was okay for me to stop everything and just be, to just concentrate on resting and growing this miracle. I also begun taking an organic iron supplement and incorporating more iron into my diet.

Nausea:  At about 6 weeks of my pregnancy is when my morning sickness really started to kick in, but when they call it morning sickness this did not restrict my body to when it would occur, I was sick morning to night. At 6 weeks I ate bland soup, which really helped as I could not stomach anything with strong flavours and I was able to contain the nutrients I needed. I also ate corn crackers first thing in the morning, having something dry and flavourless helped, I ate so much crackers that I do not think I could look or eat another cracker again haha.

Hormonal flocculation: I had to really communicate with loved ones, especially my partner when I am having bad or good days, so he is aware of how I was feeling, knowing when I was having my bad days and I just needed to be at home in my own energy. I found that I most days my mind/body already knew it did not want to go anywhere outside of the house, until night time, which I would go to the beach, just sit and in the peace and quiet, still my mind, concentrate on releasing all the crazy hormones and how I was feeling.

Cramping: I was cramping at around 4 weeks, then it got more severe around 6 weeks. This really worried me as I had a previous miscarriage, I would ask my doctor constantly if this was normal and he informed me it is. I did my own research and understood more about why I was having cramping. So, please know if you are experiencing this it is normal and it will begin to slowly get better throughout the pregnancy, once the body has adjusted to the hormones and the growth of the baby. I found that a combination of Hemp oil and Evening Primrose oil rubbed on my belly would settle the cramping, with also sitting down when they would occur and rest my body.

Low energy: I had to really listen to my body and my cravings, understanding why I was craving such specific foods every day, and that was my bodies way of informing of the nutrients I needed from that specific food. Every day has been different for me regarding my cravings, nothing too crazy as of yet but I have had a huge urge for sugar. With this craving I have tried to find healthier alternatives rather than artificial sugar, as at the start I was craving Lemonade icy poles, as I was low in iron, I was craving something cold and sugary. Instead I would eat cold apples, watermelon juice with crushed ice, and Kombucha. I made sure to have easily accessible snacks for when my body was starting to feel tired, and I was eating a lot of carrots and home-made cookies. I have found throughout my pregnancy I don’t get the warning of beginning to become hungry I go from being full to starving straight away. At this point it would make me tired, making it harder to cook a complete nutritious meal, which I began to include protein in every meal. I have made sure that morning and night I am taking my Spirulina, the mornings to take my natal multi-vitamin, this really helped me to regained my energy combining the two!

I also had to listen to my body when my energy levels would drop, I would know to find somewhere comfortable to either read a book, colour in or watch a movie (if I was not nauseous), after some time my body would begin to regain it’s energy and I was able to continue what I was doing previously.

Thank you for listening!

With love xx

Kaylie’s Introduction

This journey of mine began when my mum first got cancer, I was just a teenager. I never had to experience a loved one be sick, and at that age I still didn’t comprehend or understand what was happening to my mum. I remember the first time, and only time I walked into her hospital room (with her first surgery), having to witness my mum with cords going in and out of her body, and the discomfort and distress in her eyes. I had never seen my mum in a sick state, she had always worked hard at showing my sister and I a strong demeanour. I was so confused at what was happening, I ran away and avoided my mum’s cancer, trying to protect myself from what might happen. At this stage I was too scared of what happened to my mum, to even enter into a conversation about what she had to change to save her life. After some time and understanding my fears, accepting my mum’s new way of life, I stopped hiding, and began understanding and listening.  

Which is where my story with Rose & Soul begins, after witnessing the tremendous change of my mum’s health with taking Spirulina and Hemp, and the fact I had always struggled with anxiety, I begun incorporating both these products into my daily life. This was only the start of my journey, as once I had started, I began to grow more and more into a healthier person, and with yoga I created a healthier lifestyle. I admired my mum’s strength in changing her life, and with my fears of her health, never wanting to endure that pain in my life time, my passion for our purpose grew. With the knowledge we now have, helping others to avoid becoming sick is my main purpose in life. My mum may have had to endure that pain, but with that pain we grew stronger, our love grew, our bond and our passion for helping others!

If you would like to know more about my struggle and growth with anxiety, head over to our YouTube channel, follow this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92doAbljUzw

Thank you for listening and your support.

With love, Kaylie x