Kaylie’s Introduction

This journey of mine began when my mum first got cancer, I was just a teenager. I never had to experience a loved one be sick, and at that age I still didn’t comprehend or understand what was happening to my mum. I remember the first time, and only time I walked into her hospital room (with her first surgery), having to witness my mum with cords going in and out of her body, and the discomfort and distress in her eyes. I had never seen my mum in a sick state, she had always worked hard at showing my sister and I a strong demeanour. I was so confused at what was happening, I ran away and avoided my mum’s cancer, trying to protect myself from what might happen. At this stage I was too scared of what happened to my mum, to even enter into a conversation about what she had to change to save her life. After some time and understanding my fears, accepting my mum’s new way of life, I stopped hiding, and began understanding and listening.  

Which is where my story with Rose & Soul begins, after witnessing the tremendous change of my mum’s health with taking Spirulina and Hemp, and the fact I had always struggled with anxiety, I begun incorporating both these products into my daily life. This was only the start of my journey, as once I had started, I began to grow more and more into a healthier person, and with yoga I created a healthier lifestyle. I admired my mum’s strength in changing her life, and with my fears of her health, never wanting to endure that pain in my life time, my passion for our purpose grew. With the knowledge we now have, helping others to avoid becoming sick is my main purpose in life. My mum may have had to endure that pain, but with that pain we grew stronger, our love grew, our bond and our passion for helping others!

If you would like to know more about my struggle and growth with anxiety, head over to our YouTube channel, follow this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92doAbljUzw

Thank you for listening and your support.

With love, Kaylie x

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